A little more about each of us!

Call me "Cat"!

 I have been a professional groomer for nine years now! I first fell into grooming when I was doing rescue work on Long Island. I have worked in both private and corporate salons. I have always harbored a deep affection toward all animals and spent my teenage years volunteering in every possible environment that would expose me to animals. While my classmates were sleeping in on Saturday mornings I would pull on an old pair of muck boots so I could volunteer at my high school librarians alpaca farm. I am a wife, my husband James and I have two children, Atlas and Aurora.

Grooming in my opinion is the best job in the world, no matter how cliche that may sound. I genuinely care about the animals and people I am blessed enough to build a relationship with through grooming. I love seeing a pet parent light up when they see their freshly groomed pup! I love the feeling of a timid or reserved pup learning they can depend on and trust me.

My hope with venturing into small business ownership is to no longer be limited by the restraints of faceless corporate employees imposing excessive and unnecessary restrictions on my ability to love and provide the best/happiest grooming experience for every single pet, every single time.

Without the love and support of my family and God none of this would have been possible for me. I see this opportunity for what it is, my chance to make a positive mark on the pet community!

Hi, I am Sarah!

I have been a certified groomer for over four years now. My free time is spent with my two dogs Bentley, a rottweiler/german shepherd mix and Berlin, my german shepherd. Both my dogs compete in barn hunt, agility and dock diving. I love training and competition with my dogs. I am not much of a talker but my deep love and affection toward animals always shines through my quiet exterior. I have never met a dog that I didn't love. I became a professional groomer because of my devotion to working with animals. I always put the safety and well being of every dog first and foremost. I believe a job worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

I have only worked in a corporate grooming environment and I found that I was endlessly frustrated by restrictions that inhibited my ability to provide the best service for every dogs individual needs. My hope in venturing into small business ownership is to do the best by every dog. I promise to care for your pet like it was my own.